"A Conversation with Molly Crabapple" By Jason Anders

Jason Anders: So let's start with the covers you created for the pornographic newspaper, SCREW Magazine; how did you arrive at that job?

Molly Crabapple: Some of my favorite artists are Joe Coleman, R. Crumb, and Dame Darcy, who did covers for SCREW Magazine. So, when I was in college, I just up and applied.

JA: When did the idea of being an illustrator strike you?

MC: I've been drawing since I was five, and my entire mother's side of the family are artists. Being a professional illustrator seemed very natural to me, though it is a wildly unstable business.
JA: What sort of work have you done for Playgirl?

MC: I've done illustrations for Playgirl, as well as a cartoon called Rock Hard Candy. Juvenile jokes ahoy!

JA: Do you have a favorite piece that you have done for a major publication, and is there a company that you have always wanted to create artwork for?

MC: I've always wanted to do theatrical design for places like the Metropolitan Opera. What could be more large scale and glamorous? My favorite high end piece was actually a 30-foot theatrical curtain I created for Mayor Bloomberg's annual summer party.

JA: Tell me about the work you have done for Marvel Comics, and also how you became involved.

MC: I did a four page piece for their yet-to-be released indie anthology. It's a feminist Victorian interpretation of She-Hulk.

JA: How the modeling work at Dr. Sketchy's differs from conventional life-drawing classes.

MC: I worked as an artists and photographer's model during college, and found that the time I spent cracking my back for twelve bucks an hour didn't jive with my fantasies of muse-dom. Dr. Sketchy's turns the conventions of life drawing on their head. Think over the top glamorous models, booze, irreverence, and prizes.
JA: Tell me about the book that you, alongside John Leavitt, released in 2006.

MC: Dr. Sketchy's Rainy Day Colouring Book is the official bible of the Dr. Sketchy's movement. One part how-to, one part activity book on acid, it's spread the Sketchy's doctrine to all corners of the globe. Leavitt has been my best friend for the last seven years.

JA: What is next for post-Award-winning artist, Molly Crabapple?

MC: I want to do more large scale work, some theatrical design, put another book out, and see Dr. Sketchy's take over Antarctica.
JA: Are there any artists working in the industry now that you think we should check out?

MC: Travis Louie, Jason "Stunt Kid" Levesque, Zoetica Ebb, and of course, my man Fred Harper.

JA: How would you sum up your career so far with one word?

MC: Compressed.