#75. A Conversation with Rachel Goodrich

Jason Anders: What is the most annoying interview question you are asked on a regular basis?

Rachel Goodrich: What does your band sound like?
JA: What three adjectives best describe you?

RG: Shake. A. Billy. There's three adjectives (laughs).

JA: Do you have any phobias?

Jeffrey James (Bass): Bugs in general.

Geneva Harrison (Drums/ Percussion): Airplanes, getting sick, salmonella, swine flu...

John Paul Ramos (Trombone/ Vocals): Snakes.

JJ: Diabetes, cancer, brain tumors...
RG: I think they know me better than I know myself. I fear yesterday and tomorrow. I fear right now. My phobia is you. Let's move on... I phobe this.

JA: What are your favorite albums you are listening to right now?

RG: I love this question! I've been listening to the same albums for a while now- we are all listening to The Kinks at the moment. We're actually getting ready to become a Kinks tribute band, so in preparation for that we are listening to lots of their records. I love, love, love Solomon Burke... rock and soul. He's the greatest.
GH: Paul Simon and The Beatles, The Dodos...

RG: Micachu & the Shapes are fucking great! Tune-Yards.

JA: What was the first song you ever heard that made you decide to pick up an instrument and learn to play?

RG: Well my father plays music, so I heard him play and that made me want to pick up an instrument. Obviously you don't want to do what your parents do exactly, so I kind of shied away and let go of it for a little bit. Then I saw this guy play a Kurt Cobain cover on a Fender Strat, with a tiny amp, and I was like "wow, that's pretty cool." That's what made me want to rock out with an instrument. I don't remember which song it was, I just remember the experience.
JA: How did all of you come together?

RG: Coincidence. Whiskey.

JA: Do you collect anything?

RG: I don't.

JA: Do you feel younger or older than your current age?

RG: I feel in-between. How about you, Geneva?

GH: Depends on the day. I feel like I sit in my age.
JA: What was your first real job?

RG: I worked at an ice skating rink in Miami, Florida. I was a skate guard, saving all kinds of people.

JJ: Landscaping.

GH: My first real job was Honey Baked Ham (laughs). And then a movie theater, which was awesome because of the free movies. I really wanted to work at Toys "R" Us across the street though.
JA: Favorite television show?

RG: I don't watch TV because I don't have cable.

GH: Arrested Development. Yo Gabba Gabba! all the way.

RG: Doug, The Ren & Stimpy Show, Spongebob Squarepants...
JA: What is your favorite thing to do when you're not doing something music-related?

RG: Tennis, actually.

GH: Riding my bike and watching movies.

JA: At the same time?

GH: Yeah, I get in trouble a lot.
JA: Was there ever anything for you outside of music that you wanted to pursue professionally?

JJ: Bowling.

GH: (laughs) That's funny because someone told me once, "Hey, you play with that guy on bass that looks like John Goodman from The Big Lebowski".

RG: We should move on.

JA: Favorite movie?

RG: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.
JA: What do you love most about making music?

RG: I love creating the vision in my brain. I enjoy being in a living room with a guitar, all by myself... it takes me to a place that these guys bring me to as well. What a serious answer (laughs).

JA: Do you prefer being in the studio or performing live?

GH: I can't pick. They both take you to different places. Being in the studio really takes you out of yourself- it's all about the interaction. It's just a different energy. Recording is all about capturing those moments that you're in. When you're playing live it's there as well, but you're constantly moving forward together. It's like riding a four man bike together.

JJ: We're like a bobsled team.
JA: Is there a city or venue that feels like coming home to play?

GH: Austin, Texas and Nashville are great towns to play.

RG: Atlanta, and Florida just in general.

JJ: It usually ends up being the last show of the tour...

GH: Yeah, you savor that moment because it's the last one you have.
JA: Favorite color?

JJ: Green.

JPR: Yeah! Mine too!

GH: Green is also mine. Purple is a close second.

RG: I like red.

JA: Do you play chess?

RG: I do! I like it. I own a chess board.
JA: Do you make your bed in the morning?

RG: It depends on who is coming over.

JA: If you had to sum up your style with one word, what would it be?

RG: Well I kind of said it earlier, but I have no shame in saying it again: Shake-A-Billy!